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Ad-vancing Streaming Costs 📺️

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  • Ad-vancing Streaming Costs 📺️ 

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  • Wednesday Wires 💰

Ad-vancing Streaming Costs 📺️ 

Once upon a time, in the good ‘ol days of cable TV, we’d grit our teeth through commercials, waiting for our favorite shows to resume.

Fast forward to the streaming era, we bid adieu to pesky ads and embraced uninterrupted binging.

But it seems like the times of ad-less utopia are going to be over pretty soon as streaming platforms are rolling out the red carpet for commercials once again.

Unless you spare an extra $50.51/month. What’s that number you ask?

That’s the extra amount of money you’ll have to shell out if you want to keep watching OTT content on your favorite streaming platforms - AD FREE.

The Rise of Ads

Amazon became the latest entrant in the ad-bandwagon by introducing a tier that’s lighter on the wallet but heavier on ads.

But why are streamers taking us back to the age of cable-television?

Well, like most things in life, the answer to the above question is MONEY.

Streaming ain’t cheap folks. These companies either have to pay hefty licensing fees or spend billions of dollars in producing their own original content.

Since JPow and Co have started raising interest rates, Wall Street has demanded streaming platforms to shift their focus from growth to profitability.

Streamers think cheaper ad tiers are likely to bring in customers who may have been turned off by higher, ad-free subscription prices.

Copying the OG

Netflix might be the OG when it comes to the broader concept of streaming, but the pioneer of the Pay and Still Watch Ads model is Hulu.

Back in 2010, Hulu boldly stepped into the unknown by asking subscribers to bear with ads despite paying a monthly fee.

It was a move that raised a lot of eyebrows. Fast forward to today, and it seems like every platform is playing catch up to Hulu’s once scoffed-at model.

The streaming companies seem to be liking the ad-supported tiers. Disney reported that 40% of their new subscribers are opting for the cheap ad-based plan.

Netflix and Warner Bros have said that their ad-tier based plans generate more revenue per user than the ad-free counterparts.

Would you be billing to pay more for an ad-free experience? Let us know by replying.

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☄️ Asteroids ☄️

Waymo is recalling the software of its robotaxi fleet after two vehicles crashed into the same towed truck in Phoenix. The company is facing public pressure as autonomous vehicle fleets are scrutinized by various agencies and unions. 🚗🔧

Instacart is laying off around 250 employees, or 7% of its workforce, as part of a restructuring to streamline operations. 3 executives, including the CTO and COO, are also leaving. 🛒💼

The USPTO states AI systems can't be named inventors on patents, but humans can use AI tools in the invention process, provided they disclose it. 🤖👩‍⚖️

⏩️ Fforward - Copilot for customer interviews

✉️ Mailforge - Cold Email Infrastructure Sorted In Minutes

💰️ Rupt - Monitor and prevent account sharing

🧑‍🏭 Gem ATS - The AI-powered hiring solution recruiters love

💰 Wednesday Wires 💰

Finom, a European challenger bank for SMEs and freelancers, has raised €50 million in a Series B round. The startup, which is not a bank but holds an EMI license, plans to expand across the Eurozone. 🏦💼

Antithesis, a new software testing solution, emerged from stealth with a $47 million seed round. They aim to improve testing efficiency by continuously scanning software in a simulated environment. 💻🔍

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