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🚀 The Battle in the Clouds ☁️

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  • The Battle in the Clouds ☁️

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The Battle in the Clouds ☁️

As the AI revolution advances, two epic battles loom on the horizon:

  1. Who’s going to develop the mightiest AI models?

  2. Who’s going to disseminate the power of these models to the world?

In this narrative, our focus veers towards the latter. And it’s not tough to imagine, this is where the big boys in Tech - Big Tech are battling the hardest.

Not so long ago, AWS was an uncontested leader in the cloud market. Even though it still holds the throne, it’s facing fierce competition.

The ubiquity of AI may just prove to be an inflection point in the industry that could either see the eternal king be dethroned or have its dominance restored once again.

AWS - The Reigning Monarch

Amazon’s profit juggernaut isn’t resting on past laurels. In a strategic move, they recently invested $4 billion into Anthropic - OpenAI’s biggest direct competitor.

This investment not only solidifies AWS’s position as Anthropic’s primary cloud provider but is also expected to offer a considerable boost to Amazon’s in-house AI hardware capabilities with platforms like Trainium and Inferentia.

Even though Amazon has their own set of Foundation Models called Titan, they aren’t exactly titans of the AI world.

Azure - The Bold Challenger

Azure is the most formidable adversary to AWS. By scooping up OpenAI, Azure has tried to position itself as the primary AI cloud provider.

OpenAI now sits at the heart of Microsoft’s cloud endeavors, promising Azure a golden goose that could lay multi-billion dollar eggs.

Source: Blind

They’re also raking in money by being the exclusive computation provider for OpenAI, so even if you’re not using Azure directly, the company is expected to earn billions through the use of GPT.

GCP - The Cloud Dark Horse

GCP has always been the tortoise in this race. But that may be about to change.

With the company posting its first operating profit recently, GCP is charging forth with renewed vigor. Reports suggest that 70% of the generative AI startups are tethered to GCP.

And if whispers are to be believed, Google’s soon-to-be released foundation model, “Gemini”, might be the behemoth’s lethal weapon, potentially rivaling OpenAI and Anthropic.

One theme seems common. Each player is trying to anchor themselves to the best foundation model and obtain primary/exclusive rights for their usage.

While AWS and Azure brandish their newly forged alliances, GCP is trying to build its own might.

Who do you think comes out on top in the battle for the clouds? Let us know by replying.

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☄️ Asteroids ☄️

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