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Big G Is Still All About Ads 👀

PLUS: Chips and Water 💧

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Here's what we're serving up today:

  • Big G Is Still All About Ads 👀

  • Chips and Guac Water 💧

  • Asteroids ☄️

  • Trending Tools ⚒️ 

Big G Is Still All About Ads 👀

Despite a lot of product lines, Google still makes most of its dough through ads.

Through serving billions of ads across Search, YT and the wider Google Network, they brought in a staggering $65.6B this quarter - nearly 75% of the total.

Since ads are where the real dollar bills are, analysts are always eager to see what Big G has in store for this as GenAI impacting search remains Bear Case No 1 on Google stock. 

The company’s answer to this is SGE - Search Generative Experience

SGE will supposedly disrupt the traditional ‘10 blue links’ format, introducing a dynamic AI-enhanced experience. 

Even though Google Cloud is still a baby compared to its adult counterparts - AWS and Azure, the baby is growing. 

Investors are expecting Google to use the genAI shift to push forward. Cloud revenue has been going up and profit margins as well. 

Our man Sundar said that 70% of the genAI unicorns are tethered to GCP.

After a disappointing last quarter, GCP delivered good news this quarter as it showed a 6 percentage point improvement. 

Google is also forecasted to benefit from a significant spike in political ad revenues in 2024, increasing by 215% from 2020’s $175.6 million to $553.2 million—thanks, of course, to the US election cycle.

Despite its challenges, Google remains the undisputed digital ad leader.

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Chips and Guac Water 💧

What all ingredients do you think are required for creating the silicon chips that power ALL of our world? Have a look at the list.

  1. Lots of Silicon (Duh, obviously)

  2. Lots of Money (Understandable)

  3. Lots of Water (Wait a sec, what?)

Yes, you read that right. Water may not sound like a conventional ingredient for manufacturing semiconductor chips but it plays a very essential role.

1/ Why water, though?

The chip industry is a great gulper as it requires water for the cleanup to keep the silicon wafers free from even the tiniest specks of dust to prevent contamination.

Also, we ain’t talking about Smart Water or Fiji Water here. We’re going ultrapure baby!

While standard drinking water might have a purity of about 100-800 contamination units/cm, ultrapure water has less than 0.055 units/cm.

It seems like water really is the elixir of life, both for humans and chips.

2/ How much water are we talking about?

Well, a LOOOT to be honest.

According to the Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), a single factory might use millions of gallons in a single day.

That’s almost the same amount of water as a small city in an entire year.

Credits: Tenor

3/ Climate Effects

The US has recently passed the famous $50 Billion CHIPS ACT to incentivize companies to set up manufacturing units on home soil.

As more companies construct these multi-billion dollar facilities, cities need to prepare for what it might mean for their water systems.

Chipmakers are also investing heavily in improving the filtration and cleaning process to make more water reusable.

  • Intel is targeting net positive water use by 2030.

  • Micron aims to conserve 75% through “Reuse, Recycling and Restoration” by the end of the decade.

☄️ Asteroids ☄️

OpenAI launches Sora, a video-gen AI that crafts 1080p scenes from text or images, promising diverse styles and "AI weirdness" quirks. 🎥✨

USPTO denies OpenAI's "GPT" trademark, calling it too descriptive. OpenAI's first-mover advantage remains, despite the legal hiccup. 🚫📛

TikTok launches a native app for Apple's Vision Pro headset, offering an immersive experience with real-world or virtual backdrops. 📱💫

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