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🚀 Let the AI War begin ⚔️

PLUS: Trending Tools ⚒️

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Hi Everyone. This is Take Off. We're like a hidden Easter egg in your favorite video game - surprising, delightful, and adding an extra layer of fun to your tech news consumption.

Here's what we're serving up today:

  • Let the AI War begin ⚔️ 

  • Asteroids ☄️

  • Trending Tools ⚒️ 

Let the AI War begin ⚔️ 

Google's latest brainchild, Gemini AI, is here with a bang! It's like Google decided to throw a party and invited all its AI models, but Gemini is the guest everyone's talking about.

Gemini is not just 1 model, it's a whole family of AI! Like the Kardashians (but smarter).

We've got Gemini Ultra, the powerhouse; Gemini Pro, the versatile middle child; and Gemini Nano, the efficient little sibling.

Credits: Tech.co

And Google’s not wasting any more time in making these public. They’ve put Gemini Pro to work in Bard, and Nano's showing off in the Pixel 8 Pro with cool tricks like summarizing stuff and smart replying to your WhatsApp messages​ (so you don’t have to reply to those Good Morning messages every day)

But here's the million-dollar question: Can Gemini outshine the AI celebrity ChatGPT?

In the mid-card fight, Gemini Pro's been duking it out with ChatGPT's free version, GPT-3.5, but the crowd's not exactly going wild. Some critics say Gemini's just making small steps, not giant leaps.

Under the hood, Google's mixing up the Bard LLM and Gemini Pro LLM for its chatbot platform. The big roll-out of Gemini across Google's vast empire is going to be a slow burn.

And when Ultra finally hits the stage in 2024, it's expected to snatch the crown from ChatGPT in many categories! Or will it? Well that’s just something we’ll have to wait for.

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☄️ Asteroids ☄️

Apple cuts off Beeper Mini’s access after launch of service that brought iMessage to Android, citing security concerns. Beeper's future? Uncertain. 📱🚫

Elon Musk's xAI launches Grok, a 'rebellious' AI chatbot on X, aiming to expand globally. Despite Musk's iffy timelines, Grok debuts in the U.S. with plans for all languages by early 2024. 🚀📈

EU reaches provisional deal on AI Act, setting global precedent for AI governance. Focused on high-impact AI, it mandates risk assessments, transparency, and addresses citizen complaints. 🌐🔍

🪄 Magical - Automate tasks across browser tabs

🗓️ Reclaim - Smart AI scheduling for busy teams.

⌛️ Stagetimer - Keep your event on track with an accurate timer

⚡️ Theneo - Generate Stripe-like API docs in seconds

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