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NVIDIA’s investment thrusters 🚀

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  • NVIDIA’s investment thrusters 🚀 

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NVIDIA’s investment thrusters 🚀 

Oh, how good it must be to be NVIDIA these days, right!

In the great corporate venture capital retreat of 2023, where we saw many big tech players slamming the brakes on their venture investments, NVIDIA not only stayed in the game but also cranked up its investment thrusters to full blast.

The secret sauce?

A hefty bet on artificial intelligence early on by their visionary CEO, Jensen Huang, which paid off handsomely with a 200% stock price increase and a trip to the trillion-dollar club as AI became the belle of the tech ball, thanks to phenomena like ChatGPT.

So what’s the gist?

While the rest of the big tech crew were putting their venture dollars on a diet, NVIDIA was like, "Hold my beer," and nearly quadrupled its investment game, dancing through 38 funding rounds like it was nothing!

A tech empire in the making

This aggressive frenzy skyrocketed NVIDIA to the fourth spot among corporate venture heavyweights, trailing only behind the likes of Microsoft and a couple of others.

In this ambitious streak, they aren’t just splashing cash around; they're meticulously crafting a tech empire. They've reportedly shelled out $700M to acquire AI startup Run:ai, adding to their roster after also snagging Deci AI and earlier, OmniML.

It's not just about growing bigger; it’s about getting smarter, sharper, and slicker with their high-end chips.

These new buddies were already in the NVIDIA circle, helping them refine AI efficiencies, showing that NVIDIA’s investment strategy is as much about integration as it is about expansion.

Clearly, NVIDIA is playing chess, not checkers, as it aims to stay at the forefront of AI innovation by ensuring its GPUs remain the go-to for cutting-edge tech developments.

With $872M spent on new ventures in 2023 alone and a venture portfolio now valued at over $1B, NVIDIA is looking like the smart kid in class who knows something everyone else doesn’t.

Source: CBInsights

Now, what's next? Perhaps a peek at CentML, another potential acquisition target with whom NVIDIA is already cozy, thanks to a $27M seed investment.

As they continue to champion AI optimization, NVIDIA is undoubtedly setting the pace in the tech race.

☄️ Asteroids ☄️

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