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  • 🚀 Oracle’s Cloudy Forecast ☁️

🚀 Oracle’s Cloudy Forecast ☁️

PLUS: The CHIP Industry is Crunchy Again 📈

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  • Oracle’s Cloudy Forecast ☁️

  • The CHIP Industry is Crunchy Again 📈

  • Asteroids ☄️

  • Trending Tools ⚒️

Oracle’s Cloudy Forecast ☁️

Oracle released their earnings last week and it seems like the aftermath of it took them down the memory lane, unfortunately, resurfacing a rather unpleasant memory.

As soon as the executive team at Oracle finished their quarterly report, the company’s shares plummeted a bit. And a bit more. And a bit more.

They finally plummeted down 12% on Tuesday, making it the biggest drop in more than two decades after dropping 15% in March 2002 at the tail of the dotcom bust.

What happened? Here’s a glance at their numbers.

  • Total Revenue: $12.5 Billion (+9%)

  • Cloud Services: $9.5 Billion (+13%)

  • Cloud License: $0.8 Billion (-10%)

  • Hardware: $0.7 Billion (-2%)

  • Services: $1.4 Billion (+2%)

1/ Slower Growth

Even though these numbers look pretty great, the growth is just not fast enough for the wolves over at Wall St.

Even though cloud growth was at a healthy 30%, it is slower compared to last year where the same quarter recorded a 45% growth.

2/ Lower Guidance

The company also signalled investors that revenue increase for the next quarter will be 5%-7%, missing the analysts expectation mark of 8% revenue growth.

Zooming Out

Oracle has been traditionally celebrated for its database prowess but the company has been trying to switch gears and climb the ranks as a cloud contender - hoping to stand amongst the behemoths that are Amazon and Microsoft.

The company is hoping that the AI era can help catapult its cloud business to be on Cloud Nine.

What’s your take on Oracle Cloud? Let us know by replying to the email.

The CHIP Industry is Crunchy Again 📈

It looks as if the semiconductor industry is at Six Flags. Why, you ask?

Because it's been on a rollercoaster. After feeling the pain of declining revenue for five straight quarters, it seems like things are starting to take a turn as the industry reported an increased revenue in Q2 2023.

The Fearful Descent

The supply chain crisis that erupted around the world had derailed the delicate balance that had kept this industry afloat but Competitive Landscape Tracker recently said quarterly revenue grew 3.8% to $124.3 billion in Q2.

These aren’t record shattering numbers as the revenue is still 79% of what it was last year and it's going to take some time to return to the ungodly highs of 2021.

But hey, at least now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Cheerful Ascent

Any guesses for who’s the knight in shining silicon and led the turnaround charge?

**** Drumrolls ****

The company that has shattered the definition of growth in 2023 - NVIDIA.

The semiconductor industry grew by $4.6 billion from the previous quarter, of which $2.5 billion came directly from NVIDIA.

A lot of this success can be attributed to the mind-boggling craze for Gen-AI. Everyone wants a first-class ticket aboard the AI Express and NVIDIA’s the only ticketmaster capable of doing so.

The data-processing segment which is driven by AI chips grew the most at a pace of 15% QoQ and makes up 31% of the semiconductor revenue.

This is a great sign for the semiconductor industry as it means that the worst might finally be behind and the CHIP soldiers can march towards a brighter future.

☄️ Asteroids ☄️

Oracle and Microsoft are teaming up! Oracle's bringing its database services to Azure's cloud. They hope this move will boost Oracle's presence in the cloud market. 🌥️💼

TikTok and Billboard are launching a Top 50 Chart for trending songs on TikTok! Check it out every Thursday to see which tunes are making waves. 🎶💃

Disney might be selling its ABC network and local TV stations! While talks with Nexstar are still early, no official deal has been made yet. 🎬🤔

⚒️ Trending Tools ⚒️

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💳️ Inai - All-in-one payment operating system for Businesses

📧 Campaigner - Powerful Email Marketing Automation made easy

🗒️ Asterkey - Create an anonymous financial statement

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