Streamflation is Here 📺

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  • Streamflation is Here 📺

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Streamflation is Here 📺

Feeling a bit light in your pocket after binge-watching Modern Family for the 87th time?

Well, you ain’t alone, my friend. Inflation has gotten to everything, including to your favorite streaming services.

Even the Wall Street Journal has caught onto this phenomenon and termed it “Streamflation”.

Damn inflation. First my eggs, then this.

The Curse of Too Many

Remember 2015. If you wanted to stream something, you would just go to Netflix. Now, it feels like there are a gazillion different options to choose from.

And not only do we have to subscribe to more services, it seems like we’ll have to start paying more for EACH service as well.

New Phase for Streaming Wars

The streaming industry has now shifted its focus from growth to profitability. That means cutting costs and raising prices.

But these platforms can’t just keep on increasing prices right?

Well, Yes and No.

If you still want to binge on the entire season of Suits without any interruption, well, just shell out more dollars for the ad-free plan.

However, if not, then you can opt for the ad-supported plan, which is the streaming industry’s next major push for profitability.

These plans help the platforms to not push away every new customer due to increased prices and still earn enough dough.

Infact, Netflix and Warner Bros have said that the ad-supported tiers actually generate more money per user than the ad-free counterparts.

While these tactics do come with the possibility of increased churn, analysts are bullish on streaming as the future.

July was the first time traditional TV viewership dropped below 50% and streaming jumped to 39%.

P.S. The average American household exposed to streaming have on average 4.1 streaming subscriptions and pays $28/month.

What’s your count? Let us know.

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